^Tut. Don’t you feel bad for poor tut ankh amen? Plagued by malarial infections, and a product of an incestuous relationship. Damn his life was kind of doomed from the start. He was born with a clubbed foot for which he needed a cane, and was never able to heal due to malaria. He died at only 19 with no successor as both of his children were still births.  The trauma to his head wasn’t from murder it was an accident. It’s always been a myth that he was murdered, and I understand how you could reach that conclusion, but given that he was born weak shows us it was definitely accidental. Still he left behind a fascinating dynasty.


Ramses II was the most successful Egyptian Pharaoh considering how many children he produced and the building projects he executed. He was stronger than Tut by far, but still suffered later on as most ancient peoples did. Egyptians were their own ethnic group. There was been this desire to claim their civilization as part of our own whether we are black or white, but this is a falsehood. They were indigenous to the Nile area and their own race that had a tannish skin color. It is difficult to know what their skin color was exactly, but given the myriad of portraits left behind it’s agreed they were their own ethnic group.



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