Don’t Be Happy When America is No Longer the Hegemon


This is one of the problems. Our people never do grow up do they? They never have children and if they do it’s a measly one or two babies. That is not sustainable there aren’t enough people to pay off our debts and welfare states because our populations are sinking. No civilization has ever survived that thought they could have the luxury of not having babies. And honestly why don’t you want children? They are awesome.


To all the white guilt apologist people out there, do not think for a second that if China or India become the world power, this planet will suddenly be more peaceful. You are fucking dreaming. America has been the world’s sugar daddy for past decades, that is the reason Europe has been living as well as it has because we have troops all over their countries paying for their defense. We took on way too much responsibility and now we’re up to debt in our eye balls. Time to bring home all those men and concentrate on our economy and battling Islam. If you seriously believe that America was an evil empire you are absolutely deluded. This country has produced some of the most humane caring people in the world. We are always there whenever there is turmoil, and we never get a word of thanks (Kososvo?Bosnia?) I mean really get your head out of your ass, this new multiculturalist leftist world order is not sustainable it promotes collapsing birth rates and mass immigration. WAKE UP.


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