Paganism and Our Ethnic Background

Is paganism tied to ethnic lineage? I would answer yes, not scientifically, but culturally. The tricky part about this is we as “neo” pagans and Wiccan’s respectively, celebrate deities from all regions. However, these regions are European. I am Scandinavian ancestry, first and foremost, so naturally I am very connected to the Viking mythos and the Futhark. I also have Scottish and Welsh on my mother’s side, so I feel very connected to celtic peoples as well, and therefor celebrate imbolc and samahain. I majored in German, so I like to study the Merseburg incantations, Ostara, and Germanic/Alpine paganism as well. BUT in antiquity these groups did not meet, the Germanic tribes and the Romans met because the Goths and Visigoths were allowed in the Roman army, the Romans and the Greeks met, but there wasn’t any mutual celebration just some superficial crossing over. Druidry, Anglo Saxon deities, and so forth are very different from Viking paganism, which can be a bit primitive. Europeans and people with European descent aren’t so different from one another, but during this time you have to realize they didn’t travel like we do know so their cultures and societies were very much homogenous. There are differences in the rituals of the Celts, Picts, Nordic tribes, Finns, and Alpine tribes, albeit some parallels. For example yule and ostara were celebrated by Roman, Nordic, and Germanic tribes.

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^My family. I do think that is is part of our heritage, we are the sons and daughters of the Vikings for those of us that are Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, or Danish. We are the sons and daughters of the Celtic pagans if we are from Ireland, Wales, or Scotland. For me this is a point of pride to be the descendant of strong pagan tribes and ts in my blood, which is why each ethnic group also has a different god or goddes of worship, and different mythologies.

269047_247528278591612_4436132_nYou will hear a lot of hippy babble within the pagan community. These are people that think just because they are pagan they should be pacifists and be against war. That is absolutely bogus. Our pagan ancestors were also warriors. They fought for their lands from invaders and tried to fight Christianity as long as they could.  I see these impostures that speak on behalf of all pagans, and I really want to tell them SHUT THE FUCK UP you do not speak for me. I have very conservative in the sense that I am against immigration unless they are skilled workers, I am for war when it comes to defending ourselves from the evil that is fascism (Islam), but I am incredibly liberal when it comes to wanting freedom of religion, support for indigenous peoples, and solving global warming. These proselytizing self righteous pagans that are usually feminist hags who take everything out of context and turn it into leftist political gob shite want to say  “we are just one race, one gender, we are all one with the whole earth.” They are obnoxious invertebrates. We are one with nature, but we are not one. We are different, incredibly so. Do not tell me I have anything in common with Asian paganism because I most definitely do not. There are things in common between pagan groups, but it is based on our culture as well and geographic regions which are separated to this day.


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