Luna, Milk, and other Poems by Rachel Perkins


I like girls with legs entwined
that provoke my mind
With ugly words and harsh eyes
but skin that is kind.
With plaited white hair,
faces that don’t care
But scarred souls and full sighs
and thoughts that are rare.

I fell asleep beneath a body of water.
My skin peels – I am the awful daughter.

I love girls with skin like milk,
a craving for calcium,
wonderful hidden nymphatic rushes orbiting all of their moons.
Their pink lips bloated with air
where I’d rest my kisses.
Pastel blue eyes –
a watercolour between my sheets.
Sweetest milky girls.


Secrets are usually kept in night time
or in bed sheets.
I was with him once
and thought darkness would blanket
ugly ills scrawled on skin,
but I forgot about the moon.
So he saw.
“Babe, I’m not into that.”
I tried to keep okay and thought of cooling things
of ice and sea
and how I didn’t deserve much anyway
so what difference would it make?
But it was useless.
I think laughing looks awful
on my horrid sad face
and my thick voice that said:
“I never asked you to be.”


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