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Sorry to all Lana lovers I really  hate her music I’m sorry! It’s just so forgettable. It was hot when it first came out, but she’s like grimes it just gets boring. I’m all about the classic music Mozart, Cobain, Beatles, and Swedish avante garde like the Knife. I do think Lana is beautiful and has excellent fashion sense she is very creative that way, and hey she does have good lyrics they are sassy.

tumblr_lz790b5adc1r4w8xyo1_1280 Lana-Del-Rey-Vogue-UK-2 Lana-Del-Rey-Vogue-UK-3 Lana-Del-Rey-Vogue-UK-4  tumblr_mhiaiwgkrp1r861hjo1_500tumblr_mhedlhlQ2M1rxxyobo1_500 tumblr_mhedwr9fj21rxxyobo1_r1_500 tumblr_mheewxyexa1rxxyobo1_500 tumblr_mhg3tsBCZ11rxxyobo1_500 tumblr_mhg05zfe3r1rblodho1_500tumblr_mgz8a5gAEP1r9ih9zo1_500screen-shot-2012-05-14-at-12-56-17-pm tumblr_m6abltTaQt1rwgpmto1_500 tumblr_m4hxdx0lnk1rrpgjto1_500tumblr_m6ye0aldeD1qzn4leo1_500tumblr_mhyvg4ZqAd1rwkjuho1_1280tumblr_mdi7hfndUK1rq3iono1_r1_500tumblr_mhb6w5GrWu1rleemro1_500tumblr_mhb2mxQ6fa1r01ogmo1_500


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