Wiccan Wheel


I like Wicca, I like paganism both religions are what constitute my every day outlook on life, but I am getting really tired of pagans acting like know it alls, as if they actually knew ANYTHING about what our early primitive ancestral tribes celebrated. Do not argue that they did this ritual or used this spell, as not enough has really been passed down to us. We should be reading old Nordic, Germanic, and Celtic texts to get a better understanding then debate. This means reading your Tacitus. He is the only one who documented anything about the Celtic Druid Priests and early Germanic tribes. We need to base fact over fiction here. There are some who say Wicca is ever evolving we shouldn’t focus too much on the past. That is a blanket statement I do not like. We need to know what our ancestors did to practice their beliefs, we base all of our modern practices upon the ancient ways of our forefathers.

I’m also sick of people saying they are Wiccan because “it’s cool”, this isn’t just some religion for teenage girls with daddy and mommy issues, this is an ancient path.



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