We make shrines for our deities, it’s a place of worship in nature. As a girl I made fairy houses in the woods complete with chairs, a table, beds, and windows. Similar to the one in Fairy Tale A True Story



Mên-an-Tol ~ A group of standing stones in Cornwall, England once believed to cure children of rickets if they were passed through the holed stone.


A celtic druid shrine, Altóir beag-“the little altar” -Inishmurray, County Sligo.

tumblr_mgdhxcBnb41rrdazqo1_500Remember when England was for English people? England has some of the best pagan wiccan shops, and it was there that they turned this fairy tale story into a film. I hope the pagan revival won’t be lost with the demographic shifts going on. I would be upset if all of Garnders and Osman Spares works were done for nothing.



pagan buddhist Japanese shrine



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