Niemt Frouwe Diezen Kranz!

tumblr_m0f226sBc11qb7dyeo1_500 tumblr_mgdh82AiPx1rrdazqo1_500

Does anyone know Walther von der Wogelweide? He was a German Minnelyrik, or troubadour as we say in English. His early poems are pagan/medieval early christian love poems. Niemt Frouwe Diezen Kranz means take, young lady, this crown! Young knights would give their crushes a crown made of flowers and ask for a dance. Actually there are several poems that are kind of dirty. Under der Linden, means under the linden tree, and is von der Wogelweide’s most famous poem. It mentions the idea of breaking flowers, which means you break something else when you lay together on the hillside. tumblr_me21vw3aml1rrdazqo1_500


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