January Wolf Moon



You can use a crystal ball like she is here or you can use this method as well:

“A cauldron is a perfect scrying aid. You could simply fill the cauldron half full with water, relax, and begin to scry. But, here are some other methods. To scry during a Full Moon, place a silver coin, quartz crystal, or moonstone in the bottom of a cauldron. Fill half full with water, light a silver candle, and scry. If possible, do this outside or near a window”


January Wolf Moon, a calming relaxing and planning moon. Full Moon is a time for Travel, Visions, Divination, Dreams, Magick and Love.


Let’s talk about some defense spells from those who call us sinners or infidels:

Cauldron black, and trust knife;

banish any evil sent to harm my life.

tumblr_m96176htvJ1qcz8ujo1_r1_500 tumblr_mcgnul7Mcq1qcz8ujo1_500 tumblr_mdafprtnY51qcz8ujo1_500 tumblr_mdafuezRok1qcz8ujo1_500 tumblr_mdhysvtlcG1rbf7p0o1_500 tumblr_me7lfjhLom1qcz8ujo1_500 tumblr_me8tkrmExN1qcz8ujo1_r1_500


And a ballet dancer for good measure! Ballet makes me feel lighter.tumblr_lzw5pughpZ1qcz8ujo1_500


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