Anna Pavlova

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Here is an interesting fact from  Bronislava Nijinska’s Memoires: Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova were great friends, she even had her own nickname for him, Vassia. They were always on good terms dancing in a few ballets together until Nijinsky made a comment to Pavlova about her dancing in a so called “circus hall.” Nijinsky wanted her to join Diaghilev’s Ballet Russe because he felt the artistic quality of the choreography was superior to the company Anna joined in England. Although she was being paid very well, I do have to admit the art that Sergei Diaghilev produced is far more creative and ingenious and Vaslav was right about that. Anyways after the rift between Diaghilev and Nijinsky came to pass, Vaslav started to dance in the same dance hall with his own company, on the night of his premier Anna sent a message to Vaslav saying “Best Wishes to Circus Hall Dancer.” Obviously she had not forgotten his comment, and didn’t want to miss a chance for another blow.


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