A professional ballet dancer goes through one pair of pointe shoes a day. There are 93 ballet companies in the US alone. There are an average of 40 female dancers per ballet company. According to American Ballet Theater they spend 500,000 dollars or more a year on pointe shoes alone, this means they throw out on average 8,300 pointe shoes a year, which means Americas ballet companies together on average throw out 773,760 pointe shoes a year into the landfill. This does not include students. Going off of this information, there are millions pointe shoes thrown away a year in our country alone. My company prima pointe is introducing an eco friendly ballet pointe shoe that uses recycled materials, and improves upon the existing pointe shoes available by being more comfortable and durable on the day of purchase, so that dancers do not have to break them in to the point where they die after one performance. Prima pointe shoes will have shanks and toe boxes of different sizes to suit each individuals foot, and add a comfortable box with shock absorption. My company will make distribution cycles where dancers can recycle their dead pointe shoes instead of throwing them in the landfill. If dancers choose our pointes they will only have to replace them once a week instead of every day. Where as the traditional pointe shoe is made out of paste and cardboard a technique that hasn’t changed since the early 1800s, our pointes will use the traditional aesthetic of the shoe, but with cushion inside the toe box. What ballet dancer wouldn’t want avoid injury by using a more comfortable shoe, and what company wouldn’t want to  save on average 100,000 dollars a year? Our pointe shoes will also be available in more colors so modern and classical ballet dancers do not have to have their shoes dyed with toxic dyes. Our company can offer an environmentally responsible manufacturing process by suing recycled satin fabric, leather, and non toxic dyes.


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