Nastya Zhidkova


You know what is interesting about white people with albinism is sometimes you cannot tell if they have it or not. I had a very good childhood friend who was called albino constantly , but she was not albino at all. She was just very fair, very blond, and very blue eyed. I have the same skin and hair as her, but it’s ashier, and my eyes are grey and my eye lashes are only partly blonde. I am called albino once in awhile, but it’s as a joke! With my friends case it wasn’t a joke it was some sort of insult. I found her simply fascinating to look at, I don’t know why she was picked on, if anything her originality made her that much more beautiful. I have friends from Finland who are phenotypically like me as well, but we are not albinos. It is just interesting because this model Nastya Zhidkova is definitely fairer than us, but not by a lot, but she has the melanin deficiency.


She looks like a mythological beauty. It is awesome that people like this exist in our world. Maybe she is a fairy or an elf.

Wild-Flower-by-Nastya-Zhidkova-Stylert-5-348x500 tumblr_mdrfzfyJ2c1qecv43o2_500


Not really that different from people who are just Scandinavian or Finnish.




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