Winter Festival



Unidentified Saami children in an unidentified location at an unknown time in history


Photos from Jokkmokk, Arctic SwedenI have a special affinity for reindeer. I really appreciate how much they have done for us. I went to the Jokkmokk market last year, and will miss it this year, I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment. It is a fascinating place inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the Arctic circle. I bought four pairs of reindeer boots, and a pair of reindeer pants (the boy in picture above is wearing them). I was so upset because I couldn’t get the white fur in Jokkmokk, it was too cold to withdraw money from the machine. It is really hard to find white reindeer, they were grazing mostly in Norway last year. Luckily I went to Norway in Kautokeino where they had another market place, and snagged a couple of pairs in the white fur.



At the Jokkmokk market you can take reindeer sleigh rides, enjoy food from Lappland, and buy crafts such as knives, purses, hats, boots, sweaters, and other Sami clothing. You cannot buy their full attire, but I saw the jackets, boots, purses, belts, hats, mittens, scarves, and pants. That is more than the Inuit do to sell their handicraft. When I was there it was -56 fahrenheit so they were not able to play the ice instruments because they couldn’t move their fingers in the cold, but hopefully it won’t be so frigid this year if you are thinking of going. My friend Alex and I wanna go in 2014 so I’ll post about it then as well.

Foto-Laila-Duran-151 Book-release-Scandinavian-Folklore.41


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