Riceboy Sleeps Sigur Rós


Icelandic artists and hipsters that go to Iceland because it’s hipster mecca, love to do this childish doodle art with screen printing and they ALWAYS PUT A BIRD ON IT! I’m not joking this is proof:



I was looking through my secretary desk, and I found this little book I bought from Sigur Rós’ online webshop. Jónsi and his boyfriend Alex made this artwork, I believe he designed Takk as well. Anyways it reminded me of Cathleen Naundorfs photography, and this ongoing trend with making photographs look vintage and let’s be honest…hipster. The only thing I would say is this can get old really quick because you are relying on this technique to be striking, and it is at first, but it looses it’s shine after awhile. I think what makes this book so awesome is because it has illustration as well and screen printing techniques and photography. Although what do I know I’m not a photographer!


Also getting creativity and inspiration from indigenous peoples. Karin Dreijer Andersson from Fever Ray and The Knife also wears this face paint that looks like Pictish or Celtic tattoos. The Picts were the first Anglo Saxons in Great Britain by the way.


The thing about Karin Dreijer Andersson though, is that she is for real. She isn’t just some hipster poser, which is the attitude I get from a lot of these Icelandic newcomers. Karin has been around a lot longer, and she and her brother Olof have always covered their faces, for which they had a legitimate reason. They wanted to enhance their music. Karin says our music should sound a bit ugly, it’s about a bad dream, emotions we don’t usually deal with. To get this message across it’s better they distance themselves this way from the audience, and it goes perfectly with their sound as they also distort their voices in their music. The lyrics they write are also very vague and abstract, but the emotions are tangible, we’ve all been there with nightmares, and feeling mean “If I had a heart I could love you, if I had a voice I would sing.”



I do have to admit I like Sóley’s music,  but she should sing in Icelandic. Would it kill people to just be who they are and embrace it, part of the reason Sigur Rós’ music is beautiful is BECAUSE they sing in Icelandic or Hopelandic. Icelandic and Gaelic are both ancient languages that haven’t changed so we should be so lucky to hear music in those tongues. This globalized multicultural world is really getting boring, there is no difference between your underground Brooklyn and Icelandic band.


^She put a bird on it


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