Vogue Deutschland Trachten Spezial Wies’n 2012

217631_10151180983155477_923384872_n 551173_10151180982820477_692861515_n 547075_10151180982420477_857906188_n 582766_10151180982300477_101373751_n 253865_10151086202278468_1283757136_n 526982_10151086202418468_657556080_n 603472_10151086202193468_18937776_nI bought this Dirndl for the Wies’n (Oktoberfest) it was really nice, too bad I can’t wear it in Vermont people would think I am crazy. My clogs are from Sweden, you can get them online at Grannashttp://www.grannas.com/mainframe.php?webstore=true&close=2038|2067|2072|2083|2102|2061|&category[]=2061&catId=2061&catType= Lola Paltinger’s online shop isn’t ready yet though, so you’ll have to wait along with the rest of us. She makes Trachten jackets and blazers in addition to Dirndl.




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