Vogue Paris Lily Donaldson Terry Richardson Sacrément inspirée

Ehhhhh I think they are nice photographs, but once again this common misconception that occultism is equal to wicca or paganism, it’s just really offensive to me. I know this is for the sake of fashion, but would you make a spread of Chique Judaism? Hahah no I don’t think so. What is so enticing about the occult? To me it is such bad energy, people making plans with the devil to become rich or more intelligent regardless of the price. This is no connection to nature at all. Our pentagram represents the spirit, wind, fire, earth, water the very foundation of the earth goddess. The Christian concept that paganism and witchcraft are inherently evil was ignorance that started ages ago, and I am really surprised it’s still around today because I doubt these fashion editors are even pious Christians, but still they associate paganism with the devil.





Also the only people who are sacrificing animals now a days are Muslims. Pagans have given that up because they view it as unnecessary and it really is, also in my opinion it’s primitive. If you are  Sami or Inuit it’s different because you are living off of the land, and you are paying your respect, but for me and and several other pagans we prefer a vegetarian lifestyle and abhor ritual sacrifice.





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