The Jokers Ball Paolo Roversie Vogue UK April 2012

magda-laguinge-by-paolo-roversi-for-vogue-uk-april-2012-1 magda-laguinge-by-paolo-roversi-for-vogue-uk-april-2012-3 magda-laguinge-by-paolo-roversi-for-vogue-uk-april-2012-4 magda-laguinge-by-paolo-roversi-for-vogue-uk-april-2012-5 magda-laguinge-by-paolo-roversi-for-vogue-uk-april-2012-6 magda-laguinge-by-paolo-roversi-for-vogue-uk-april-2012-7


Draw in Light used this idea for their new campaign this year:215691_510521315666139_196730615_n 582429_510520978999506_1611646598_n


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