Pim Fortuyn


One of the Netherlands most prominent figures is Pim Fortuyn. He is a true hero of mine. He was one of the first people in Europe, and in the world that spoke out against the mass immigration from Middle eastern war torn countries. The issue with this immigrant group is that the youth has become so radicalized. It’s hard for me to understand why this is happening, but the criminality among this group is disproportionately higher than that of the indigenous Europeans. It’s strange to me because these are people that sought refuge, but then there is a significant amount of individuals that commit crime. Pim’s argument was that although there are muslims within Holland that work hard, there are more muslims that are living off of the welfare state, unable to speak Dutch, and not interested in acclimating, and the youth has inherited a distaste for western culture from their parents. Further more there was a problem of terrorist factions within the muslim community, so he called for a halt to further immigration and further building of mosques. He was assassinated by an animal rights activist who condemned his conservative ideas. This is so typical for left wingers. Often times I feel they are more volatile than the right parties. Pim spoke out for the average Dutch citizen who was sick of seeing their country change so quickly what is so conservative about that? He was also gay, so a lot of the homosexual citizens found someone who cared about protecting them against fundamentalists. He was voted best dressed man during his time in office, and was adored by the Dutch people. There is a statue of him in his city Rotterdam where he was killed. I would like to bring flowers there to show my appreciation.


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