Russian women are the most beautiful

Maybe it’s because I have been learning ballet all my life that I think this. I love watching Diana Vishneva she is so powerful in the dance, and creative. She brings me to tears every time. I like Uliana Lopatkina as well, to me they are both the last real classical ballet dancers. Now it is so much about tricks instead of the actual artistic quality of the ballet. I am flexible thankfully, but sometimes I think doing the 180 extensions looks vulgar and more gymnastic than beautiful, and ballet is supposed to be about beauty.

24428_541741819169802_941335360_n 33844_544617938882190_627633202_n129265_8_600 129265_7_600 tumblr_lqltwmgAqS1qfp38no1_500599834_586774807999836_846648170_n

lbvishnevr jr_kirov_balanchine_valse_lopatkina_jette_500

Diana in La Bayadere                                          Uliana doing a running split


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